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Through our Recruitathon, we help you assess and hire top tech recruiters.

Upcoming Drive
3rd December, 2023
10AM to 5PM

@ Virtual

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Apply for Interview Drive

Companies can sign up and select their preferred tech recruiters from our pool of candidates.

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Assessment Day

On a scheduled date and time, candidates will undertake assessments that evaluate their skills, including:

  • Boolean Skills
  • LinkedIn/Xray Proficiency
  • Persona Understanding
  • JD Deconstruction
  • Cold Mailing
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Get Your Scorecard

Within 24 hours, you'll receive detailed scorecards for each candidate, providing you with valuable insights into their abilities.

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Dashboard Ranking

On a specified date, our dashboard will rank all candidates, allowing you to see how they stack up against each other.

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Get Interview Calls

Based on their skill score, you can invite the top-performing candidates for interviews, streamlining the selection process.

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Our process saves you time and resources by identifying the best candidates quickly.


We ensure you only interview candidates with proven skills.


Select from a pool of pre-screened tech recruiters.


Get detailed scorecards and rankings to make informed decisions.

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3rd December 2023

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