Engage with your candidates right on their Whatsapp

Connect with candidates on WhatsApp for seamless, personalized engagement. Increase your reach out by multi-folds via our Automation solutions.

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Create a Job & Pre-Defined Questions

Our MonkBOT will check the interest of a candidate for a Job & get answers to predefined questions.

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Here is a snippet of MonkBOT engaging with your candidates

MonkBOT checks the interest of candidates and asks them basic questions related to their experience, role & more..

Engage with candidates LIVE from our chat solutions → Candidate’s Whatsapp

This live engagement with candidates will improve your candidate engagement experience and make the candidates feel WoW!!

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Upload candidates via excel or directly from Job boards

As you screen resumes for fitment, click on the plugin & initiate MonkBOT engagement. As you continue sourcing & screening, you’d have interested candidates hitting your chat.

Why Monk BOT?


Candidates mention Whatsapp number on their resume


Faster results than calling candidates

2m 45s

Average First Response Time

Avoid DuplicacyYour colleague cannot reach out to a candidate to whom you’ve already initiated a conversation. No more candidate fights, this is yours or mine (tera, mera…)
Team collaborationAdd team members to a Job & automatically candidates gets split between the team.
Templates“Will Get Back To You” save message templates better than this to entice or keep the candidates hooked on.
Mail IntegrationCandidates responding to your bulk mails will be auto captured from your mail inbox.
Sourcing AutomationComing SoonOur intelligence will suggest candidates which you or your team would have missed for a specific job role.
Integration capabilitiesOur platform easily integrates with a wide range of other tools and platforms, streamlining integration with existing workflows.


MonkBot pricing allows every recruiter to taste the amazing bliss of NOT having to engage in the most tedious and boring part of the job. Candidate Reach-Outs. Save yourself from having to perform 1000s of reachouts and let MonkBot handle all that for you.


Try It Out

Take it for a test drive. Ideal if you are not hiring aggressively.

100 credits
@ ₹249/month



Most Features & Savings

The plan to supercharge your entire team’s hiring. Subscribe to the annual plan and get 12 months for the price of only 10!

1000 credits
@ ₹4,999/month

2500 credits
@ ₹9,999/month

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